What is Digital ID?

Digital onboarding, also called remote onboarding, is the process of using online tools to enroll and verify new customers and it follows KYC (Know Your Customer) principles to verify the identity of users with legal requirements and current laws and regulations such as AML, GDPR or eIDAS.

Digital ID is a representation of a person's real identity in the online world. Digital identity is an electronic file containing personally identifiable information such as social security number, passport number, biometrics, etc. Biometrics, such as face or fingerprint, are used to verify a person’s identity.

Digital Identity Wallets will be main stream in near future. Digital Identity Wallets are personal digital wallets allowing citizens to digitally identify themselves, store and manage identity data and official documents in electronic format.

BioCode AI

IDENTY´s Digital ID product, called BioCode AI, is a digital container that can store encrypted biographical data, face and fingerprint templates, and follows key principles:

  • Mobile generation of digital credentials with biometric binding.
  • Leading edge triple level encryption and PKI cryptography to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity.
  • Encrypted container that dynamically stores bio data, compressed face image and fingerprint templates.
  • Based on OCR AI, Finger AI and Face AI, with certified liveness and on device face-fingerprint matching.
  • Offline based authentication.

Why BioCode AI?

IDENTY´s Digital ID BioCode helps your customers prove who they are in a convenient, secure, privacy-friendly, and cost-effective way.

  • Information is easily and accurately retrieved. Unlike traditional OCR products, QR codes can be quickly and easily read without errors.
  • Highly compressed bio data. Container that can store Kbs of bio data, images and templates.
  • Ensure confidentiality. As all information is military-grade encrypted and only being accessible by the trusted issuer.
  • Prevent Document Fraud. Digital signature, along with PKI, guarantees that the QR code can only be generated by the trusted issuer.
  • Enable biometric authentication. Along with biographic data, Fingerprint and Face Biometric attributes can be also embedded inside the QR code for further biometric authentication.
  • Information is selectively shared. In alignment with SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) principles, customers share only the information that you need without revealing all the other sensitive information usually found on a physical ID card.
  • Replace too expensive physical ID cards. BioCode physical ID cards are less costly as expensive smartcards or traditional security locks (holograms, NFC chips, etc.) are no longer needed. Alternatively, IDs can even be used digitally on a mobile device without the need to print physical cards.
  • Certified biometrics for user authentication. IDENTY´s touchless fingerprint product (Finger AI) and face authentication product (Face AI), have been validated in volume across the world in various markets in regard to liveness performance and on device matching capabilities, while following certification standards such as NIST CRADA Contactless, ISO 30107 or FIDO Alliance.

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